Discover the 7 principles to reveal a head turning booty!

Let's face it...We want our reverse to look just as good as our front! The confidence that comes with having a great looking peach is what us women CRAVE. Not to mention the many benefits having a strong booty has... Such as prevention of lower back pain, burning a higher number of calories during a workout, boosting your metabolism, improving hip mobilization and bone density! This program is my "go to" to building your peach with proven methods to use during your workouts to fast track your progress!

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Who is Courtney Barbera?

Courtney Barbera is a professional athlete, fitness competitor, entrepreneur, author, fitness model, triathlete and marathon runner. She has competed at an international level in dressage ranking in the top 50 world CDI-Y rankings and been accepted onto the Australian national team for five consecutive years. Courtney owns a fitness facility appropriately named 'Improvements Fitness Centre" located in her hometown in Queensland, Australia. Through her fitness facility Courtney has been able to help transform hundreds of peoples bodies and lifestyles! In 2017 Courtney managed to help over 200 people transform their bodies through her 4 week transformation challenge.

Her entrepreneurial endeavors  also include her coaching business "Courtney Barbera Dressage", her contracting business "CB Packers" and her fitness clothing line "potential wear". Courtney also frequently completes charity events that benefit Australian, animal, children and women's charity's.

Additionally Courtney has competed as a fitness model receiving second place at the INBA National championships and second at the QLD State titles. Courtney also trains as a triathlete, marathon runner, Muay Thai and boxing.


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Who is this program for?

DOUBLE TAKE is a training program that includes the right methods paired with the best exercises to tone up your booty! This is a six week program that includes 3 x glute based workouts per week that can be used as a supplementary program to mix with your usual weeks workouts. Each session will take you anywhere from 20-50 minutes dependent on your fitness levels. You will need access to a gym to make the best of this program however a lot of the workouts within the program can be done at home or with minimal equipment. the program also shows you methods of how to activate and awaken your glute muscle to make the most of your workout and get the results your after!






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