Meet The Team

Courtney Barbera

Position: Owner and Personal Trainer

Interests: EATING, animals, travel, high adrenaline activities, Horse-riding, Muay Thai, and of course all things fitness orientated.

Hardest fitness challenge to date: Completing the Athens marathon (42km) while training and dieting for the worlds body-building champs to be held just 3 weeks later.

2019 Goal: Beat last years number of transformations of 200 people. To represent Australia again in the World body-building championships in 2019 held in the Bahamas. Successfully hike Africa’s largest mountain, Mount Kilamanjaro.

Instagram: @courtney_b_fit

Ethan Hyde

Position: Personal Trainer

Interests: Weight-lifting, mountain bike riding, travel, business and social media marketing

Hardest Fitness challenge to date: Running the Athens marathon in 2018.

2019 Goals: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and complete a charity event cycling across Asia.

Instagram : @therealethanhyde

Tahsin Kartalli

Position: Front Counter and training to become a personal trainer.

Interests: Interested in bodybuilding, health and fitness and anything that goes fast.

Hardest Fitness Challenge to Date: Coming back from a bad back injury taking about a year to recover and now better, stronger and fitter than before my injury.

2019 Goals: To help others achieve their goals in the gym whilst continuing to smash personal goals and growing personal knowledge within the industry.

Kaylah Williams

Position: Personal Trainer

Interests: Outdoor activities such as hiking and bike-riding, playing guitar, weight-training,

Hardest Fitness Challenge to date: completing a intense 8 week fitness competition prep program

2019 goals: Travel overseas, go in a fitness challenge such as tough mudder or spartan, learn how to play a particular song on my guitar, buy a new car, and grow my business.

Social media: or Instagram: x_kayla

Shari Buckley

Position: Group Fitness Instructor

Interests: Holidays, keeping fit, family, beach, teaching fitness

Hardest Fitness Challenge: Zoo fitness class challenge in toowomba 2018

2019 goals: To continue to keep fit and healthy, go on holidays